Underarm Care

We believe everything you put on your body matters. Dermal absorption is the transport of a chemical into the skin and into the body. Unsafe deodorant ingredients have been linked to liver damage, interference with estrogen levels and even endocrine system disruption. That is why all of our products are made with high-quality, safe ingredients. When choosing a product, it is important to not just look at their claims of "natural" and "organic" but look for certifications.

To help you make the clean switch to 100% natural, organic deodorant and maximize its effectiveness, here are a few tips:

✔ Prep your underarms

    • Consistently prepping / detoxifying your underarms helps to get rid of the chemicals, bacteria, dead skin cells and other particles that build up. Especially, if you previously used an antiperspirant. An antiperspirant uses aluminum (a heavy metal) that clogs pores so that your body cannot naturally sweat and can create an overproduction of bad bacteria. Gross!
    • To help, we created a Prep Sweet line to use in parallel with our USDA certified organic deodorants. So don't worry, we are here for you!
      • Prep Sweet Detoxify: Our powerful purifying mask utilizes the detoxifying effects of Activated Charcoal + Kaolin, Rhassoul and Bentonite Clay to remove dead skin build up and promote the natural skin renewal process. A blend of nutrient-rich botanical extracts and organic rice flower fortifies and soothes skin.
      • Prep Sweet Exfoliate: To keep your underarms exfoliated between purifying masks, our organic sugar scrub is there for you. A Chamomile infused blend of Camellia oil, Plum oil and organic cane sugar removes dry skin, improves texture, promotes circulation and seals in moisture.
      • We recommend using our Prep Sweet line 2-3 times a week even after you transitioned to our organic deodorant. This will help with long-term success!

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        ✔ Apply your deodorant in the morning
          • Traditional antiperspirants, which work by clogging pores, might have been great for a nightly application routine since that gave the antiperspirants time to soak in to be most effective. However, our organic deodorants work on your skin's surface by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria. So there is no added benefit of applying a deodorant before your pretty little head hits your pillow.

          ✔ Don't give up

          • It can take time to transition to an all-natural deodorant. You may notice you sweat more and even some irritation as your body is purging impurities that have built up. Stick with it and give your sweat glands time to properly breathe. You'll thank yourself later for being toxin-free!

          ✔ Remind yourself that a little sweat is good for you

          • Sweat is a clear and odorless substance that is part of a natural and healthy bodily function designed to cool down and prevent overheating in the presence of external or internal factors. For example, the sun, physical exertion, stress or hormonal changes can all cause your body to sweat. Have you ever been presenting in an important meeting and feel your body temperature rise? Yes, us too! As sweat is allowed to evaporate, it regulates the temperature, thus cooling the body. And remember that perspiration itself does not cause body odor but is from the bacteria on the skin. So you may need to sweat a little but you shouldn't stink! Our deodorants will keep you smelling sweet.

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